At Advanced carpet cleaning, we are trained and experienced to take care of your tile and stone.

Our technicians are trained in cleaning ceramic, porcelain, marble, granite, terrazzo, limestone, travertine, paver brick, and spanish tile.

Different types of tile require different methods of cleaning, but for porcelain and tile we use high pressured, hot water to clean the tile. We have a rotary power head attached to our truck mounted cleaning system that gently cleans and rinses the tile as the dirty water is extracted.

Mopping can never fully remove all the dirt, grease and soils that accumulate on your tile flooring and grout. We will clean your tile efficiently and effectively with absolutely no mess left behind. You will be pleasantly pleased with the final result.

Stone Floor Polishing

Advanced also does natural stone floor cleaning and re-polishing, floors such as marble, terrazzo, granite, travertine can be cleaned and polished to a high shine without the use of harsh acidic chemicals.

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