Advanced Carpet Cleaning will come to your home and clean your upholstery, cushions, and pillows. You don’t have to do a thing. We will take care of all the details.

If you prefer, we can pick up your chair cushions and clean them at our shop. Call us for a free consultation.

You’ll get excellent cleaning results on upholstered furniture and cushions, wall upholstery and partitions, mattresses, upholstered frames, and headboards.

Our first step is to determine the type of fabric, then we will proceed with the appropriate products for that type of fabric. We will also determine based on manufacturer recommendations whether it needs to be dry cleaned or steam cleaned. In either case we have the equipment and expertise to handle any job.

Most of our clients usually request Maxim fabric protector to help keep their upholstery looking beautiful. Most fine upholstered fabrics have Maxim applied when they are new. After the initial application fabric protector should be applied every two years to prolong the life of your furniture.

Trust your fine fabric cleaning to us and our trained technicians.

Call now at 361-850-7777 for a FREE consultation.

We will be happy to come out and assess your cleaning needs at no charge to you.

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